“Human interaction, trust and automation bias with clinical decision support systemsLessons to be learned for radiology”

Activity: Talk or presentationOral presentation


Developments of AI technology in recent years has transformed healthcare and the landscape of medicine would be very different without it. Patients have benefitted from the use of various type of computer impact in their care, perhaps without even realizing it. Exciting possibilities exist with the use of more complex forms of AI and perhaps the use of these systems will be necessary to ensure the future of healthcare – where clinicians can be freed up to have better patient contact and less onus on the accomplishment of repetitive tasks. As clinicians the patient is the center of all that we do and because of this we need to make sure that we are using new technologies responsibly – this may not only mean not over relying on the system, resulting in automation bias errors, but nor under using it either through lack of trust developed from poor understanding. Education providers should be working to provide standardized curricula to educate all healthcare professionals to a minimum standard – a standard which will allow critical evaluation of both the system and their own interaction with the system, thereby achieving an appropriate balance.
PeriodDec 2022
Event titleMedical Imaging Convention
Event typeConference


  • AI
  • education
  • Automation bias
  • Trust