Fuel cells as the basis of hydrogen energy" using the STEM approach to spread knowledge about hydrogen energy among youth

Activity: Consultancy


"House of Europe" #42160-IPG-EDU, 2024.
“Development of a popular science course “Fuel cells as the basis technology of hydrogen energy using the STEM approaches to spread knowledge about hydrogen energy among youth” Grant under EU program "House of Europe" #42160-IPG-EDU, 2024.

Project goal: Development of a popular science course "Fuel Cells as a basement of Hydrogen Energy" order to familiarize young people with promising technologies and the basics of renewable and hydrogen energy.

The video lectures contain elements of the STEM approach to demonstrate the operation of fuel cells:
1) Hydrogen production using electricity generated by solar panels and/or wind turbines;
2) Hydrogen accumulation and storage;
3) Further use of hydrogen, If necessary, producing electrical energy from it, will be used by the consumer;
4) Demonstration of assembling a portable energy system based on fuel cells - with the aim to help students understand the principles of fuel cell operation and engineering approaches to assembling an energy system based on them.
The presentation materials will be prepared in collaboration with an expert, Dr. Volodymyr Shentsov, a lecturer at the University of Ulster (United Kingdom).
The created video materials will be uploaded with open access on the YouTube channel of the educational center "First Hydrogen School"
Period1 Jan 202430 May 2024
Degree of RecognitionInternational