Fibre to Fabric Seminar

  • Duffy, A. (Organiser & Speaker)
  • Gault, A. (Organiser & Speaker)
  • Mario Sierra (Speaker)
  • Siobhán Purnell (Speaker)
  • Amy Anderson (Speaker)

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This seminar aims to provide attendees with insight into the “Restoration and Redesign: A Circular System Economy for a Coastal Community” [AH/Y000226/1] research project.

Join researchers Alison Gault and Anna Duffy, and guests, for an interactive seminar on the innovative project aiming to restore Northern Ireland's textile heritage and promote a sustainable future.

The "Fibre to Fabric" project focuses on promoting a green and sustainable future, where innovation meets tradition and tradition informs innovation. Our mission is to restore vintage flax processing and spinning equipment, to create a sustainable circular supply chain, here in Ireland.

Mario Sierra, the Creative Director of Mourne Textiles, will tell the story behind the project and share the vision for preserving and reviving the exceptional heritage of Northern Ireland's textile industry.

Amy Anderson, the Creative Director of Kindred of Ireland will discuss her slow and sustainable business. Amy shares our values and promotes sustainability while breathing new life into Irish Linen Heritage. Responsibly sourced, handmade to order, sustainable, and intentional, integrity is at the heart of Amy’s vision for Kindred, as is her dedication to helping others adopt a slower, more considered approach to fashion.

Siobhán Purnell, a Coordinator at Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful, Tackling Textile Waste. Siobhán will discuss the textile and fashion industry's impact on our environment and the importance of sustainability within the sector. Siobhán promotes educating our community and helps us reuse, repair and reimagine clothing.

The seminar includes an interactive element where attendees can engage with our speakers and learn about the project's heritage restoration and sustainability efforts firsthand. Gain insight into the "Fibre to Fabric" project and how it aims to contribute to the sustainable future of the textile industry in Ireland.

Join us for an inspiring morning, exploring Northern Ireland's shared history through textiles, and learn about the potential for a green and sustainable future through innovation and tradition. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to engage with industry experts and become part of the movement to restore Northern Ireland's textile heritage.

Refreshments are available with tea and coffee before the seminar and a social lunch after the seminar to engage with our panel and peers on all things textiles.

This event is part of August Craft Month with CraftNI.

We are grateful for Ulster University and The Arts and Humanities Research Council’s support, which helped to tell the story of our project. Together with researchers Alison Gault and Anna Duffy, Mourne Textiles is part of the “Restoration and Redesign: A Circular System Economy for a Coastal Community” [AH/Y000226/1] research project, we have been exploring the possibility of developing a local circular supply chain using textile spinning equipment in the Mourne district of Northern Ireland.
Period16 Aug 2023
Event typeSeminar
LocationBelfast, United KingdomShow on map


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