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Polymers and Bio-Inspired Materials for Sustainable Built Environment.
Nurturing the long-term sustainability in our built environments is becoming a cause for concern, given the huge disruptions in the supply chain and associated logistics for procurement of modern building materials across the globe, especially in recent years, owing to political uncertainties and unsolicited pandemic strikes. Concomitantly, we are facing an added uncertainty in terms of energy production and conservation for our dwellings, particularly, in an era of severe and unpredictable weather patterns spanning across the globe. Therefore, it is highly prudent to engage our capacities and in making a concerted effort, especially, for formulating novel bio-inspired and environmentally-friendly materials for the building sector. This could involve, for example, the use of recycled materials as the primary starting materials, thus upholding the ethos of circular economy. In this context, an adequate emphasis should be also laid on bio-sourced precursors, as far as possible, thus paving the way for, and reinvigorating, the basic principles of sustainability.
Through the current Topic Collection of Discover Materials, we aim to unravel the research carried out in the vital areas of sustainable materials and circular economy, by providing a platform for dissemination of the fruitful results accrued, especially, in the subject areas of modern and bio-inspired materials. The primary aim is, therefore, to identify novel and hybrid materials as well as in unravelling the salient properties of these materials. Here the main emphasis will be the formulation strategies, especially, in arriving at hybrid materials with synergistic combination of desirable properties, particularly, in the context of circular economy.
Period1 Apr 202431 Dec 2024
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  • Novel and Hybrid Materials
  • Sustainable Building Materials
  • Recycling of Building Materials
  • Materials With Lower Carbon Footprint
  • Circular Economy
  • Energy Conservation in Built Environments